India adventure 2013 – plane journey (last summer)

Thursday 6th june 2013 (Airport london)

First meeting with a fellow traveller. Random as ever. Interesting as ever. Something about these people that is so easy to connect with. An appreciation for and understanding of the importance of travel. The importance of seeing these places and meeting these people.  Therese Murphy from carlow. Heading to Uganda for few weeks followed by trip to kenya. All on her own. And people say I’m brave but she makes me look like a pussycat! She makes me feel better when she tells me she has been to india and travelled on her own there for a while.  No real problems. Get talking to another man, Harsham from bangalore but living in L.A.. Big into the cricket & soccer. Going home to Bangalore for a month to visit his family. We swap facebooks and part ways. Another short friendship that travelling always throws up. Most of these people will never be seen again but every meeting/person adds a bit to the story. As we part company,  I think to myself that its my first conversation with an Indian on this trip & if they are all as friendly everything will be sound.

On the plane now waiting for take off from London. Next stop Delhi. €205 has been changed into 11,300 rupees.  Wonder how far that will go? Still no accommodation booked in Delhi.  Think I’ll just wing it when I get there.  Am arriving at 10.40 am so surely manage something.  Plane is weird.  Looks like an Indian decorated sitting room!

Nearing end of flight now. Nice flight, good music on headsets provided makes the long flight a lot easier.  Sitting beside Lucy on flight.  Girl from England heading to Bangkok travelling alone.  Quit her job and has spent last 8 weeks in America.  Now 8 weeks in Asia and plans to go to work in Australia then. Very quiet but nice and pleasant.  Easy company, which is nice on long flight!! I find the fact that she is going solo shiws a certain braveness behind that timid exterior. Shows a bit of character and I like that about her. She reminds me of 2 people I know (unfortunately can’t mention names!!) Talks, acts and looks like them. Maybe they are related but I wont ruin it by asking, I’ll just let myself believe that they are in some way related. We discuss our plans and she says that she wants to be more unorganised and unplanned like me but says she would worry about doing it that way and she could well be proved correct!  She strikes a chord with me when she says I’m on a real ADVENTURE! That is exactly what it is, an adventure.  Not knowing what to expect excites me. The more different and challenging the better. Whatever may happen,  I must remember that it is part of my adventure of life. Try to embrace it and but don’t worry too much about things. Life will go on & situations will come and go. Next stop is delhi airport…… ready for the next step!!

As I sip a coffee in the airport, I try to plan my next move. I have seen outside and it looks swamped with people. I know I will need to be organised and prepared before stepping out into the madness. No accommodation booked. Wi-fi in airport won’t work. Think I’ve already come close to being ripped off by hotel provider area in airport. Asked for cheapest place and she came back with price of 1800 rupees (around $31). Not expensive but sounds like a rip off in India. I decide to pass (turned out to be the wrong option!!) & stop for a coffee as I plan my next move.

I remember the Indian travel book I “borrowed” from library back home (p.s. if anyone reading this works in the library, I will be in to pay all fines soon!) I begin to look up places to stay in delhi and it gives great rundown (what I didn’t realise at the time was this guidebook was about 15 years old and severely outdated to say the least!!) ( I must also admit that i later tried unsuccessfully to sell on that book to a book trader who refused to buy because it was so old! I also find it kind of amusing that I sunk to the low of trying to sell a library book, and even more shameful to think that I failed and had to abandon it in india further down the line!!!)  Oblivious to this at that time, I Scribble down few addresses and my next big move is to find taxi. I know that if I book in airport it will be more expensive,  but safer. If I book outside, it will be more of an adventure but also more dodgy! I decide to make my decision on way to exit. Hopefully, next time I write I will be lying in hotel/hostel after a shower and shave!!



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  1. Yente says :

    This is so nice to read!

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