Last Day at New Life Foundation, Thailand. Sunday 26th October 2014 (17.12 pm)

Today marks a big change on my adventure and journey.

Today, after 2 and a half months I have left New Life Foundation and currently sit aboard a bus bound for Bangkok. From there, i will fly to Nepal & the return to the crazy Kathmandu! In many ways, today is a sad day leaving New Life & all the friends that i have made there. So many good learning experiences and friendships formed. Leaving behind those people I’ve built such strong friendships with is hard. They have been my temporary family and home away from home. Having said that, my main feeling is one of great positivity and appreciation. I believe and feel that this is exactly the right time for me to go. Any sooner would have been too soon, and any longer I may be overstaying my welcome. I feel that I’ve learned so much & that i really applied myself to get the best out of my time at New Life. Now is the time to get back out on the road & see if I can put what I have learned to use. Check how my attitude & view of myself and the world around me has changed.

me brian nat me and nat smile me and keithRight now, I feel very content, at peace, relaxed, tired, excited, bit nervous about making my flight on time, very fortunate & grateful to have found New Life. It has helped me to develop into a much more grounded, confident & comfortable individual. The time has now come for a new adventure & I’m very excited about going back to Nepal once again. I feel that the last two weeks were very mentally & emotionally challenging, with the wrapping up of my New Life life coaching sessions, the 2 Shavasti weekends back to back and the 5 day Vipassanna sandwiched into all that. But i feel that I’ve learned so much and the Shavasti weekends have really changed something in me and opened things up. Very interesting. It has freed me in so many ways. Hopefully that will continue. Now, it has gotten very bumpy on this bus so i’m going to write some one word phrases to describe my experience at New Life. Struggling to much to keep my hand steady to write sentences here!!! So here are few words/phrases to describe my experience, what i have learned/gained & maybe some key points and people that have been part of my journey here ( in no particular order!!!)………………

Communication. Openess. Honesty. Truth. Comfort zone. compassion for myself and others. Meditation. Yoga. Boxing. Mindfulness. Cow Team. Bananas. Lake. Room 47. Community. Volunteer/Resident. Group Process. 4.30am rise. Dream Journal. Journal. Sunset. Sunrise. Problems. Fears. Social anxiety. Impermanence. Addiction. Relapse. Tamkrabok. Julien. Scott. Tom. Life Coaching. Enneagram. Mama’s. Vlad/Smoothies. Vipassanna. Swimming Pool. Awakening Hall. Forest Hall. Dance. Singing Meditation. Creative workshops. Community workshops. Round House. Shavasti. Dining Hall. Yellow wellies. Type “9”. Anger/Frustration. Songthaew. Town. Chiang Rai. Elephant Mountain. Keith Hodges. Brian. Nathalie. Ari. Michael. Samuel. Raj. Laura. Danko. Katie. Per. Mayumi. Mathias. Scott. Guitar. Lung Noy. P seng. Janine. Amber. Cows-Blossom, Pepper, Rose & Bella. Goals/evaluations. Noble silence. Working meditation. Saying No. Challenge set beliefs. Love. Annubee. Chester. Sam. Ducks. Excercise Area. Lisa. Fan. Pay it forward. Quotes. Poems. Awareness. Self confidence. Grounded. Open. Honest. Conquered fear. Peace. Calm. Comfortable. Presence. Inner voice. Respect. Awake. Acceptance. Less judgemental. Sober/using. Saving lives. Night market. Cheese making. Goodbye speech. Mental noting/labelling. Body scan./Total Relaxation. Morning meeting. Visa extension. Visa run. Keith/brians person centred planning. Yan. Jan. Valerie. Kohei. Roberta. Samina. Ciara.  Sonja. Tiia. Uli.  Planning. My plant. Laundry. Control. Will power. Conflict. Courage & awareness. Routine. Gift. Growth. Life stories. Men’s group. Inner dance. Dance mandala. Headlight. Mosquitos. Snakes. Frogs. Understanding. Kindness. Struggles. Hope. Recovery. Inspired. Connection. Bradleigh the DJ. Matthew. Tara. Phillippe. Cassandra. Cycle. Ping pong. Wifi. Stability. Freedom. 6am & 5pm milking. Going to the compost. Happiness. Clarity. Present moment. Helping others. Sam’s wise words. Self discovery. Challenging. Interesting. Thich Nhat Hanh. Smile Breathe and go slowly!! Peace

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