Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek 2014

Wednesday 9th April 2014 (Night before expected flight to begin trek in Lukla)

Up at 6 am tomorrow morning. Flight at 9.20 am from Kathmandu to Lukla. Boarding at 8.20am. Need to leave this guesthouse at 7am. Not sure what to expect. Mixture of emotions. Been too busy last couple of days here organising gear, permits and bits and pieces to think much about it and get too excited. But now at least I hope I am prepared and a good nights sleep will set me up for the next part of this adventure. This time tomorrow I will be sleeping on Mt. Everest hopefully. Excitement slowly starting to creep in thinking of it and butterflies beginning to flutter in my stomach!! Goodnight.

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Saturday 12th April 2014   7.39 am      Ratna Bus Park, Kathmandu

As i sit here aboard a dingy old bus in the wild Ratna Bus Park in Kathmandu, I reflect back on what have been a crazy few days since i last wrote. I smile to myself as i open this journal and read the last few lines i had previously written on Thursday. I certainly did not expect back then to be sitting here on a local bus, still in Kathmandu. I thought I would be on the 3rd day of my trek at this stage, instead of a 25 minute walk from my guesthouse!! Slow progress!! That is travelling. Often things will not go as planned & rarely if ever do things run smoothly, especially in Asia. Despite this, I am in a good positive mood and see it merely as a change of direction on this path. Maybe there is something unexpected laid out for me on the Jiri to Lukla trek!!! Time will reveal more!!

The last few days had everything. Everything that travelling and putting yourself out there has to offer. The ups & downs, excitement & disappointment, satisfaction & frustration, success & failure, hope & despair, engaging conversation & relieving solitude!! It really had it all & though it was not what you could call relaxed and easy at all, it is constantly challenging and exciting!

So, rewind back to Thursday morning and the chain of events that has brought me to this point……….

Restless nights sleep Wednesday night. Partially due to excitement, and partially due to the loud music/car horns/people out on the street. I am staying in the centre of Thamel. The heart of everything in Kathmandu. A place i hated at first, but that was to grow on me over time. But not a place to sleep!! Arriving at airport around 8 am i am struck by how chaotic it is and am relieved to be there in good time. Little did i realise, just how much time i would actually have to spare!! To  cut a long story (2 days) short, my flight to the mountain was cancelled due to bad weather. This was after spending the whole day in airport waiting, re-scheduling for following day. Turning up again. Flight delayed. Waiting in airport all day again Friday. Friday evening flight once again cancelled. Bad weather forecast for the weekend also. Plan B? Forget the 30 minute flight to Lukla and instead take a 9 hour bus to Jiri and walk 5-6 days to Lukla from there!!!

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